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Long Beach Comic Con was AWESOME!

October 7, 2009

The girls of attended Long Beach Comic Con this past weekend.  We were especially excited, since only Dancing Queen was able to attend San Diego Comic Con (which I hear was amazing as always).  And for those of you who are wondering, yes, we did dress up!  We went in steampunk attire!

us steam scaled

I love steampunk fashion so much.  If I had the time and money, I’d dress like that everyday!  Am I weird?  Maybe.  But who cares?  Steampunk is fun and really cool.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be writing about LBCC, not steampunk.  Hmm, where to begin?

Let’s start with size.  LBCC has proven the old adage to be correct.  Size doesn’t matter. LBCC is a small con.  Some people prefer small conventions, but most do not.  Unfortunately, many people associate small cons with lackluster events, poor planning, and washed-up, has-been guest.  Not so with LBCC!  Guests ranged from the legendary Stan Lee to Seth Green and the Robot Chicken team to Lou Ferrigno.  Still not impressed?  Check out the list of LBCC’s guests here. Seriously, the guest list was a righteous line up. You could have theoretically seen Stan Lee and the Hulk …in the same room… at the same time…

Back to the point, the small size of LBCC created an intimate atmosphere that really allowed the press and attendees to interact with the guests in ways not possible at larger cons. At panels, everyone was able to ask those burning questions, and the guests were able to provide genuine, well thought-out responses.

The demented minds behind Robot Chicken.

robot chicken panel scaled

What else made LBCC awesome?   Well, the activities didn’t hurt.   LBCC had something for everyone.   A Robot Chicken Panel, a screening of Trick ‘r’ Treat, panels on writing, panels on comic art, a dealer’s hall, and plenty of artists offering original comics and commissioned artwork.  The artists’ and writers’ panels were very informative.  Only one panel was a little boring, and that was because the guy’s tablet broke and we already knew what he was teaching.  Had that not been the case, the panel probably would have pretty cool.

The Robot Chicken Panel was fun, of course.  Even Fancy India was able to laugh at the content shown to us at the panel, and she’s not the biggest fan of the show by any means.  Trick ‘r’ Treat is a great movie.  I must say, I was surprised to learn it’s going to be a straight to DVD release.  The production quality and the effects were much better than other films of its ilk.  I seem to recall something about Trick’r’Treat being originally intended for theatrical release.  Correct me if I’m wrong.  The plot is quite entertaining, far from those of the cliché hack’n’slash Halloween film.  The movie is funny, creepy,  cute (orly?!), and a little scary.  The audience was cheering and clapping all through the movie!  I was pleased with the screening, which really consoled me about not being able to see Zombieland on opening night because I was at the con.  I’m going to see Zombieland on Saturday, so no one spoil it for me!

What will I do to you if you spoil my zombie carnage?  You don’t want to know. >:)


The venue had some to do with LBCC being so fun as well.  Back when Anime Expo was at Long Beach Convention Center, I thought I hated the place. The building was packed and the structures are too far apart, leading to sore feet and sunburns (even with SPF 50 sunblock).   The truth is, AX was just too large for this venue, but LBCC was the perfect size.  The con was concentrated to a particular building in the convention center, making getting from event to event quite simple.

The dealer’s hall was also not as huge and sprawling as those of some cons, but, the limited size allowed the booths to be set up in a way that allowed attendees breathing room.  The air conditioner was effective for the size of the space, a very important fact in a con full of trekkies and nerds who may or may not have bathed recently(sorry guys, but I’m not going to sugar-coat it).  Yeah, there are lots of clean people at cons.  There are also lots of dirty, stinky ones!

Zomg!  We’re with The Predator.

us with predator scaled

Another convenient thing about the convention center: the restaurants right across the street.  Yay for CPK!  There’s lots to love about Long Beach Convention Center when a con is small.

Am I forgetting something?  The people!  We met some interesting, genuinely nice people at LBCC and that made the con even cooler.  We played Wii with a total stranger who was really interested in our site, talked to other fans of steampunk, took pictures with people in great cosplays/costumes, and the con-goers, in general, were just much more polite and less socially-awkward than people at other cons (ahem, Ax…).  Thankfully, LBCC was a glomp-free zone!

Let’s not forget the the staff!  Because of the cons small size, LBCC’s staff was more than capable of handling the number of attendees and could accurately answer questions and provide information. With small cons, it’s very important that the staff display a certain level of competency and in order to maintain the reputation and professionalism of the convention, or else the convention can seem very poorly organized and “slapped together.” I’m very glad to report that the staff at LBCC were nothing but friendly, professional, and well-informed. The Long Beach Convention Center’s staff were also very helpful and friendly, which in turn, helped Long Beach Comic Con in being a smooth-running event.

Rock on, Mystery Man X!

mystery man x

As embarrassing as it is, I must admit I forgot the name of the man pictured above, so I’m going to call him Mystery Man X.  He’s just one example of how awesome the people behind LBCC are.  Before the Robot Chicken panel, all the guys had to be rounded up since they were off having fun at the con.  This created a delay before the panel, but Mystery Man X hung out and kept the press and audience updated as to exactly what was going on, and, dig this, did his very best to entertain us and keep us occupied!  He had the option of keeping us in the dark and letting us sit there bored, but he didn’t do that.   Way to go!

So, interested in my opinion?  I think it goes without saying I liked LBCC.  I’ll definitely attend again, and hopefully will feel the same for years to come.  Kudos, Long Beach Comic Con for a great event, and thanks for the all the fun!

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  1. October 7, 2009 11:09 pm

    I agree with you totally and completely! It was such an awesome con! also Mystery Man X is Buddy Scalera and he has a site and all his pictures of the con are up too!

  2. October 8, 2009 7:20 pm

    Yay! Cool post, must update twitter! lol Oh, Devin the CPK waiter… I wonder if he thought we were crazy lol


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